Fireplace Inserts vs. Wood Burning Stoves

Both the fireplace insert, and the wood-burning stoves give you that wood burning aroma, warm flames and the traditional glow. You will find several options of heating your homes in those chilly winters like gas fireplace, electric fireplace, etc.,  But if you are a home owner and you want to give an authentic as well as aesthetic touch to your place, then opting for a fireplace insert or wood-burning stove would be the two best options.

Both  might appear to be very similar, but they are not…Want to know how?

Both heat in different ways, have really different ways of installation, different levels of safety, etc.

Fireplace Inserts vs. Wood Burning Stoves Fire


Fireplace Inserts vs. Wood Burning Stoves Stove

You might be wondering why  both are different when both operate by burning wood and have an almost similar system of disposal of air, i.e., through a chimney.  
A fireplace insert comes in sizes that can easily fit into your existing fireplace opening and can add a beauty to your living room whereas a stove is an independent device that can be put anywhere in the room (a chimney is still required).

To know more about their dissimilarities check out the fireplace inserts vs. wood-burning stoves table given below:


Specification Fireplace Insert

Wood Burning Stove


Cost $ 1000 – $ 3000

$ 900 – $ 2500


Cost of installation If fireplace opening is present then cheaper as the cost of getting a fireplace opening is much expensive.

Stove proves to be cheaper when there is no fireplace and chimney available.


Appearance Better
as it hides an open fireplace

not better than the insert


Affect on Home Fireplace inserts increase the value of home as they easily fit into the space available.

It looks odd when placed in fireplace. Placing it in a room where a fireplace is already present makes the room look ugly and messy.


Installation It is placed inside the fireplace opening
Should have stainless steel liner in the chimney

Should be kept on a concrete slab, ceramic stone or tile above it. It must be distant from wall, furniture and doors.


Operation Blow heat from inside which circulates throughout the room.
However it requires blowers to be more efficient which might not work in an area with frequent power failures.
Radiate heat in the room and get really hot to be touched.



Main purpose of fireplace insert is to prevent the heat from escaping through the chimney and pushing it back to the room.

It heats the air in and around it.


Maintenance Needs:
Weekly ash removal
chimney sweep
frequent wood loading


Durability Can last over 10 years.
if blower attached then repairing or replacing might be required
Stoves without blowers are almost hassle free.
Smoke n emission Channel the smoke and other gases through the chimney out of the house.



Clean Air Regulation Better in burning wood and removing smoke.

Some stoves are not effective as the inserts.


Safety Don’t let the spark come out and are very much safe.

Although they don’t let the sparks come out but get too hot to tough. So they become dangerous for children and pets.


Chimney System Fireplace Inserts vs. Wood Burning Stoves Insert Fireplace Inserts vs. Wood Burning StovesHearth
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