How Does A Wood Burning Fireplace Work

You must be wondering how come such a small insert can increase the efficiency of your fireplace 10 folds…here’s the answer to the most common question how does a wood burning fireplace inserts work. Below given is a description of each and every part of the wood burning fireplace insert, see the number on the picture and read it’s details:

How Does A Wood Burning Fireplace Work working

1. Air Control Draft
This is an air control knob which allows you control the amount of air that goes for combustion inside the insert.

2. Blower
A thermostat blower fans which controls how much heat is to be given to the room.

3. Manifold
From here the air is distributed to the air wash system.

4. Air Wash
The air wash system enables the glass view to remain clear of gasses and allows you to see the fire burning.

5. Firebrick Lining
The firebreak lining helps in maintain a high temperature inside the insert along with proper combustion level. They also absorb the heat and radiate it back to the unburned gasses.

6. Process Of Air Travel
The heat from the air control draft travel inside and gets heated up.

7. Catalytic Combustion
This combustion zone allows to re burn the all the smoke before it enters chimney thus resulting in cleaner emissions.

8. Double Wall Steel Firebox
This makes the insert more durable and strong.

9. Ash Pans
This ash pan enables you to clean your insert quickly and avoid any chances of fire outbreaks due to creosote deposition.

10. Dampers
Present along the flue pipe which enables the user to open and close the flue pipe when in use or when not in use. Since it is the tendency of hot air to rise up and cool air to settle down, in case of masonry fireplaces when fireplace is not in use then the heated air of the room goes out through the chimneys which resulted in negative efficiency of the fireplace.

11. Flue
It is the pipe inside the chimney through which the smoke travels to outside world.

12. Knife Edged Doors
They act as seal between the door gasket and the insert body.

How Does A Wood Burning Fireplace Work? Heat flow

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