How to Remove a Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

Your fireplace opening can be made more attractive and a better safety and heating device with the use of a wood-burning fireplace insert. An insert is generally made by of cast-iron or brass containing heat or metal tempered doors of glass. These doors enable to prevent the furniture lying nearby from catching fire.

The fireplace inserts are attached to the fireplace with some bolts and screws which can be removed easily whenever you want to replace your old one with a new or when you are shifting your house to a new place.  Most of the fireplace inserts come with a manual which suggests that it should be uninstalled by a professional. However, if you know how to remove a wood burning fireplace insert, then you can try doing it yourself.

How to Remove a Wood Burning Fireplace Insert Rem

Follow the basic simple steps on how to remove a wood burning fireplace insert:

Step 1:
Spread a cloth extending from the fireplace to the door until where you have to take your insert out of the house.

Step 2:
Clean the insert from inside. Remove any log of wood if present inside.

Step 3:
Wear your work gloves and with the help of a broom clean up the inside of the insert. Use metal scoop to clean the debris. Vacuum the region to ensure that the place become almost ash free.

How to Remove a Wood Burning Fireplace Insert Remove

Step 4:
Put your hand inside the insert where the bolts connecting the chimney or the flue pipes are present. Spray the place with a lubricant in order to loosen them as they may have got rust due to the constant heating and cooling process going in the insert.

Step 5:
After 20 minutes unscrew the tension bolts and disconnect the chimney piping.

Step 6:
With the help of a screw driver or a drill machine unscrew the other bolts connecting the insert to the fireplace.

Step 7:
Ask for any other person’s help to slide out the insert from its enclosure as the insert must be heavy weighing around 150 kgs or more

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