How to Use a Wood Burning Fireplace

The use of a wood-burning fireplace not only adds warmth to your home but also gives your living room coziness and artistic touch. Nowadays, with an increase in the rates of home heating wood-burning fireplace is supposed to be one of the best options that you can resort to for heating your home. However, the only drawback of using the fireplace insert is there are chances of sparks being caught by the furniture lying nearby.

A simple step by step procedure of how to use a wood burning fireplace:
Step 1:

Before the winter season starts get your chimney cleaned by a professional chimney sweep. This will not reduce the risk of major fire outbreaks but will also increase the efficiency of your fireplace.

How to Use a Wood Burning Fireplace Use

Step 2:

To keep your furniture safe from catching any spark lay your furniture a bit distant from the fireplace. Also keep a rug near it on the floor such that it prevents any burn marks on floors that are caused due to sparks falling on the ground.


Step 3:

Keep the necessary things at hand if you are using a fireplace at home. The important things include: a fire extinguisher, smoke detector, wood pile. You must also have the following ready as you may need them once a week:

  • Spade
  • Leather garden glove
  • Fireplace grate
  • Metal bucket
  • Newspapers
  • Fireplace tool with poker


Step 4:

Open the dampers in order to let the smoke escape through the chimney otherwise your room will get filled with it. Nowadays, the handle of dampers is present at the bottom of the wood-burning fireplace insert’s side.

How to Use a Wood Burning Fireplace Damper

Step 5:

Wear your leather garden gloves and with the help of a spade and metal bucket remove all the ash from the insert. Ensure that the embers inside the fireplace insert are cool as they tend t hold the heat for one week. Prefer removing it only after a week or so.


Step 6:

Now crumble up some newspaper and put them beneath the grate. Don’t use too many newspapers as they burn slowly and will also leave more deposits of creosotes, which can catch fire easily.


Step 7:

Now layer up the kindling on top of the crumbled newspapers in a criss-cross design.  Layer these kindling just below the grate.

How to Use a Wood Burning Fireplace Grate

Step 8:

Now use the seasoned hardwood, i.e., the logs of wood that you have stored in the wood pile stock. Put them on top of the kindling. However, they must not overlap each other or any kindling.


Step 9:

With the help of a match stick or lighter light up the newspaper from the sides of the grate and then in the middle. This will create a ring of fire around the log of wood.


Step 10:

Shut the doors of the wood-burning fireplace insert to ensure that the smoke does not enter the room.

How to Use a Wood Burning Fireplace Log

Step 11:

Open the air control drafts present on either side of the front of the insert. This would help you to control how much air goes inside the insert to keep the fire alive and would also create a vacuum inside which would force the smoke into the chimney.

Step 12:

You can add logs or stroke the wood pile inside with the help of a poker to increase the effectiveness of your wood-burning fireplace insert.


Step 13:

When not in use close the damper so that the hot air of the room does not escape through the chimney.


Step 14:

Getting your fireplace inserts inspected annually is the best solution for the question how to use a wood burning fireplace effectively.

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